abortion singpaore
abortion singpaore

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Our mission is to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives.

Dr.G.V Nair

MBBS (Cal.) FAM (S'pore) FRCOG (Lond.) LRCP (Lond.) MRCS (Eng.)

Doctor G.V.Nair

Dr.G.V Nair is a Singapore born doctor who after finishing school St Joseph's Institution, qualified as a doctor on a scholorship in India and received post gratuate training in major teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom. Upon his return to Singpaore he worked as specialist in the KK Women's hospital Singapore for about Seven years, before starting his private practice in Parkway Parade. He brings with him a vast amount of experience, and has a special interest now in problems related to fertility and sexual issues for both Men and Women. This experience enables him to provide a holistic and open counsel to some life's intimate and delicate problems.



If you want to have an abortion, We are MOH Approved Women's Abortion Clinic in Singapore - Safety & Confidentiality comes first.

Parkway women's clinic Singapore offers private and confidential abortions up to 16 weeks pregnancy. Cost ranges from SGD 1500.00 NETT upto 8 weeks. upwards depending on prenancy size. More on abortion and cost in singapore


Many women suffer from vaginal loosness or laxity, thereby reducing sexual satisfaction.

A simple one hour operation will correct this condtion which affects some women after normal child birth. Laser is used to minimize bleeding and to speed up recovery.


Restoring an intact hymen is needed for women in some societies and cultures for religious or other reasons.

"Virginity" thus can be restored using laser as Day Surgery with minimal pain and discomfort.


"Prevention is better than cure". This is why regular checkups are nessarry for women.

At our women's clinic complete packages are available for Basic Well Women Checkup and also for advanced diagnostics.


Our clinic provides diagnosis of pregnancy and follow up checks untill 25 weeks of pregnancy. We have time for patients and listen to their various worries and concers.

Prenatal diagnosis is available for several baby abnormalities.


For women ultrasound scan is a very useful tool to identify causes of pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, Ovarian cysts,fibroids and infertility.

It is painless, non invassive and takes 10 to 15 mins.


It is now known that many men over 59 years of age develop signs and symptoms of Testosterone or male hormone deficiency. Full screening tests are available and if necessary, hormone replacement can be considered.


Vaginal bleeding is abnormal if it occurs outside of normal monthly cycles.There are many causes. Hormone imbalance, growths like polyps, infections, and pregnancy being some. A full consultation, examination and pelvic ultrasound scans are needed to identify the cause and initiate treatment


Vagina discharge is a common problem affecting many women from at various times. The most common cause is infection.This may be of many types. Fungal infection, Trichomonal , and bacterial vaginosis are some of the common causes. The symptoms White or yellow discharge, lumpy like cottage cheese, sometimes fishy or smelly. There may itching and scratching will cause soreness of surrounding skin. Treatment: Depends on the cause and in cases of recurrent infection, long term with immune boosters may be needed.