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Our mission is to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives.

Vaginal Discharge - Women Health

Vagina discharge is a common problem affecting many women from at various times. The most common cause is infection.This may be of many types. Fungal infection, Trichomonal , and bacterial vaginosis are some of the common causes. The symptoms White or yellow discharge, lumpy like cottage cheese, sometimes fishy or smelly. There may itching and scratching will cause soreness of surrounding skin. Treatment: Depends on the cause and in cases of recurrent infection, long term with immune boosters may be needed.

Are all vaginal discharges abnormal?

Not all vaginal discharges are abnormal. Vaginal discharges can be normal , physiological secretions of the vaginal lining and cervix. These secretions are usually clear in color and not smelly. A vaginal discharges which is excessive in amount ,yellow or green in color, foul smelling or lumpy whiteis considered abnormal.

What are the causes?

Abnormal vaginal discharges may be due to infection with micro-organisms such as :

  • Fungi, also known as Thrush, Candida, Yeast infection.
  • Bacteria ,e.g. Bacterial vaginosis, Chlamydia ,rarely Gonorrhea.
  • Trichomonas, a parasite
  • Viruses, e.g. genital herpes, warts
Sometimes vaginal discharges may be due to non-infectious causes ,e.g. cervical polyps ,cancerous growth and foreign bodies (e.g tampons).

What should I do if I have abnormal vaginal discharges?

  • Avoid sex
  • Do not self medicate
  • Seek immediate medical treatment
  • complete the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor
  • Refer your sex partners for examination, if advised.

Causes,Diagnosis,and Treatment of Vaginal Discharges

Signs and symptomsTreatment
THRUSH*Itching, burning, soreness, swelling of the vagina and vulva.
Watery or whitish discharges
Anti-fungal pessaries; Oral antifungals for severe and recurrent infections; control underlying predisposing factors
BACTERIAL VAGINOSISFoul smelling discharges, pain, itching or burningAntibiotics
TRICHOMONIASISVaginal discharge which is often profuse, greenish in colour and foul-smelling.
Itch and soreness of the vulva and the vagina
Oral anti-trichomonas agents.Treatment of Partner
CHLAMYDIAL CERVICITIS**Discharges accompanied with dysuriaOral antibiotics (Long course)
GONORRHOEAGreenish-yellow vaginal discharge
Dysuria (painful urination)
Antibiotics.Treatment of Partner
Remarks: *Not a sexually transmitted infection. Candida is a normal flora in the vagina but may multiply and grow rapidly under certain conditions (e.g. diabetes, pregnancy, steroid therapy, oral contraceptives).

**Complications: Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID), ectopic pregnancy and Infertility Infected mothers may pass the infection to the newborn resulting in Blindness and pneumonia.


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